Archive: December 2020

December 30 2020

Another militant antifa activist has been arrested over a firebombing attack on a Seattle police station. Jeremy Michael Haines, aka “Naomi Krell,” is accused of shielding her comrades using an umbrella while they lit and threw Molotov cocktails at…

December 27 2020

A sex offender has been identified as one of the suspects allegedly involved in a violent BLM-antifa riot in Oregon earlier this year. Devin Wayne Nordman is charged with felony riot, felony burglary, felony theft and more in Eugene…

December 24 2020

Four far-left activists have been arrested and charged following an ATF investigation into firebombing attacks in Little Rock. Renea Baek Goddard, one of the suspects, is a journalist. Other arrestees include Brittany Dawn Jeffrey, Aline Espinosa-Villegas and Emily Nowlin.

December 21 2020

Exclusive report: An influential militant antifa activist who calls for violence has been identified as a Seattle-area children’s camp counselor. Mikaele Andrew Baker, 23, is a trans nonbinary furry who last week published a “hit list” on social media.

December 18 2020

Last week, Portland law ­enforcers raided a house that had for months been ­illegally occupied by trespassers affiliated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa. At the barricaded property, officers made arrests and found a stockpile of firearms.

December 17 2020

A serial sex offender and Black Lives Matter activist recently released from prison served a titular leadership role at the Antifa autonomous zone in north Portland.

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