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Andy Ngo is an independent journalist and photographer. He lives under threat for his reporting and expertise on American antifa and the militant far-left. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, appeared on countless television shows, radio programs, and podcasts, and his journalism has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Newsweek, Fox News, National Review, and more. Andy is currently the editor-at-large at The Post Millennial.

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7 Feb

I was locked out of Twitter for reporting in a tweet that Antifa had announced plans to violently attack a TPUSA event at the University of Oregon.

6 Feb

A trans woman in Vermont has been arrested for attempted murder. Tovi Mesick, previously Christopher, has a long and violent criminal history that includes an arrest over a knife attack where the victim’s guts spilled out.

1 Feb

Exclusive: An Antifa blog published a claim of responsibility for an attack on a far-left bar in Portland as retaliation for them “spreading Covid” and genocide by remaining open. The Worker’s Tap bar helps fundraise for the Atlanta gunman…

1 Feb

A former mayoral candidate (DSA party) in San Marcos, Texas is revealed to be an Antifa member who posts extremist content on Mastodon, a social media alternative site popular with the far-left and pedophiles for its lack of content…

30 Jan

At the Tyre Nichols-inspired Antifa riot in Hollywood, Los Angeles, trans activist Ezequiel ‘Zeke’ Jorge Riesgo was arrested & charged with felony vandalism. He was allegedly in black bloc and had a rioting tool to smash windows. He has…

29 Jan

Rose City Antifa member Luis Marquez incited deadly violence among his comrades by lying about the ex-cops accused of killing Tyre Nichols. He falsely suggested they’re white.


1 Feb
‘They just want no peace’: Andy Ngo reports on violent protests following Memphis Police video release

‘They just want no peace’: Andy Ngo reports on violent protests following Memphis Police video release

On Jan. 27, 2023, Andy Ngo was interviewed on Newsmax as masses of left-wing activists took to the streets across the U.S. to protest over the death of Tyre Nichols in Memphis. Five black cops accused of murdering him in a beating were fired and arrested. Violent protesters and Antifa have smashed vehicles, property and businesses as revenge for Nichols’ death.

27 Jan

Ngo joins The Quartering to discuss insurrection attempt by Antifa over Memphis man’s arrest death

The Quartering

Catch me now as I join The Quartering to report on the threats of violence by Antifa and far-left groups over the death of a black man allegedly at the hands of five black ex-cops in Memphis. Antifa groups are promising violence and arson as retribution.

26 Jan
Visiting the deadly Atlanta autonomous zone

Visiting the deadly Atlanta autonomous zone

Andy Ngo Live

An Epoch Times reporter visited the Atlanta autonomous zone following the shooting last week. The militants and their supporters have set up a shrine to celebrate the martyrdom of the deceased gunman who shot an officer. Watch my livestream about visiting the deadly occupation.

25 Jan

Antifa promises violent revenge following comrade gunman’s death in Atlanta


On Jan. 20, 2023, Andy Ngo spoke with Eric Bolling on Newsmax about a far-left group’s promise of violent revenge following the death of their comrade gunman at the Atlanta autonomous zone occupation.


Update: John Colin Hacker, the Portland antifa member who attacked me in 2019 and was indicted for it on Oct. 21, 2021, was arrested on Tuesday morning. He is charged with felony robbery. He was quickly released without bail. Find more about my lawsuit against antifa and how you can join the fight:

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