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Andy Ngo is an independent journalist and photographer. He lives under threat for his reporting and expertise on American antifa and the militant far-left. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, appeared on countless television shows, radio programs, and podcasts, and his journalism has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Newsweek, Fox News, National Review, and more. Andy is currently the editor-at-large at The Post Millennial.

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20 Sep

“Tabitha Poppins,” a trans Portland Antifa rioter who was arrested multiple times in 2020, is believed to be dead. The Coast Guard and multiple other agencies looked for her for hours in a river near Portland. It is now…

20 Sep

Dawn Ennis, a trans journalist, changed her Twitter banner to a collage of pictures of Libs of TikTok, teen detransitioner Chloe Cole, and of me having just been assaulted, along with the text: “I condone any/all violence.”

20 Sep

Against its own policies, GoFundMe is hosting a misleading campaign to raise cash for Portland #Antifa member Phoebe Anne Loomis. The extremely violent Antifa member, who uses the moniker “Phoenix,” has a history of being arrested at riots going…

14 Sep

“You will never be safe. See you soon.” The website for a Portland Antifa network has released what it says is the family home address of a Portland Police officer. The threatening post also names his wife and gives…

9 Sep

The man who live-streamed himself carrying out a mass shooting spree in Memphis, Tenn. on Aug. 7, 2022, allegedly killing four and injuring three, smiled as he was arrested and booked into jail.

5 Sep

A Portland far-left militant who repeatedly had his felony Antifa riot cases dropped has now been charged following a child sex sting targeting online pedophiles. Aubrey Ryan Quinn-Ward was quickly released without bail. 


22 Sep

No Prison Time for Antifa Members Who Jumped Marines

Weekly Notice

This is episode 12 of Andy Ngo’s Weekly Notice.

20 Sep

Antifa try to shut down ‘transphobic’ women’s rights rally in Brighton, England

On Sept. 18, 2022, Antifa and militant trans activists held a direct action to oppose a women’s rights rally in Brighton, England featuring speaker Posie Parker/Kellie-Jay Keen. The far-left protesters accused the women of being transphobic fascists. Police arrested three men for crimes including sexual assault, assault and obstruction.

12 Sep

Antifa members indicted in San Diego over violent conspiracy

Weekly Notice

This is episode 11 of Andy Ngo’s Weekly Notice, where The Post Millennial editor-in-chief Libby Emmons was a special guest. It originally aired on June 9, 2022 on Gettr.

9 Sep

Alex Stein interviews Andy Ngo about Antifa’s worship of murderers


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Update: John Colin Hacker, the Portland antifa member who attacked me in 2019 and was indicted for it on Oct. 21, 2021, was arrested on Tuesday morning. He is charged with felony robbery. He was quickly released without bail. Find more about my lawsuit against antifa and how you can join the fight:

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