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Andy Ngo is an independent journalist and photographer. He lives under threat for his reporting and expertise on American antifa and the militant far-left. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, appeared on countless television shows, radio programs, and podcasts, and his journalism has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Newsweek, Fox News, National Review, and more. Andy is currently the editor-at-large at The Post Millennial.

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29 Sep

Jimmie Lee Jarvis, a leader in Richmond City Democratic Committee, the official Democrat Party group in Richmond, Va., has been arrested on suspicion of making a bomb threat, a felony. Jarvis posted a bomb threat against my live talk…

23 Sep

Jimmie Lee Jarvis, a leader in Richmond City Democratic Committee, the official Democrat Party group in Richmond, Va., posted a bomb threat against my live talk event after trying and failing to get it shut down.

23 Sep

Following a harassment campaign by Antifa, multiple venues in Richmond, Va. canceled a live Andy Ngo talk. They falsely told the hotel that I’m a “racist, misogynistic, homophobe” giving a “neo-Nazi speech” and that there would be armed Nazi…

20 Sep

Following a cancel campaign by Antifa extremists, the Commonwealth Club in Richmond, Va., reportedly shut down a scheduled live speaking event featuring me. The Sept. 22 event is STILL happening, but the location is being kept secret for safety…

20 Sep

One city transformed by leftist politics is Richmond, Va. This radicalism manifested as violent militancy where hundreds were arrested at BLM-Antifa riots. Come see me speak live in Richmond on Sept. 22. The far-left is trying everything to shut…


27 Sep

Andy Ngo discusses Trudeau Nazi scandal, Ukrainian propaganda and MeToo on TimCast IRL

TimCast IRL

Left-wing disinfo is dangerous and few are trying to stop it. It inspires people to take to the streets in support of political violence, and sometimes to arm themselves and maim or kill political targets. Watch highlights from my Sept. 25, 2023 TimCast IRL appearance.

26 Sep

‘Terrorism in Virginia’: Andy Ngo speech almost shut down by Antifa

Virginia Council

Watch my Sept. 22, 2023 live talk in Richmond, Va. that Antifa desperately tried to shut down. Two venues canceled before the event was able to finally proceed in a secret location in Henrico County, Va. I spoke about how far-left violent extremists in Virginia have carried out campaigns of violence to terrorize the public into submission and to destroy history with impunity. 

26 Sep

Watch Andy Ngo on TimCast IRL

TimCast IRL

Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party government smeared the 2022 Canadian Convoy protesters as Nazis and racists, but he, President Zelensky and the Canadian lawmakers gave a standing ovation to an actual Nazi SS veteran in the parliament a few days ago.

16 Sep

Irish Lesbian angers trans activists with speech declaring: ‘Lesbians don’t like d—k’

On Sept. 16, 2023, I interviewed Annaig Birdy, a lesbian activist who spoke at the ‘Let Women Speak’ rally in Dublin, Ireland. The women’s rights protest was countered by a large group of Trantifa, Antifa and communist activists who accused the women of being ‘fascists.’ Birdy is one of the co-founders of Not All Gays, an Irish LGB group.


Update: John Colin Hacker, the Portland antifa member who attacked me in 2019 and was indicted for it on Oct. 21, 2021, was arrested on Tuesday morning. He is charged with felony robbery. He was quickly released without bail. Find more about my lawsuit against antifa and how you can join the fight:

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