Archive: January 2021

January 18 2021

Antifa in Portland did the unthinkable: They actually tried to stop police from responding to 911 calls of an armed man who was threatening to stab people in downtown. Antifa were afraid police would shoot him. 

January 11 2021

Alexander Stokes Contompasis, a journalist from Rensselaer, N.Y., has been charged over the stabbing attack of two men at an Antifa protest in Albany. A review of Contompasis’ online presence also reveals he is an Antifa member. 

January 11 2021

Ngo: “Where the hell were you all when we had thousands in Portland try to break into a federal building & to burn it down?” Read the profile of my new book in the Washington Examiner. 2021 is so far…

January 9 2021

Those condemning the Capitol Hill riot as an insurrection and terrorist attack were silent or encouraging of the uprisings last summer where BLM-Antifa extremists tried to burn down government buildings, claim territory and kill people. Read my latest column…

January 7 2021

“Journalist Andy Ngo, who has become an expert on the violent anarchist group antifa, today dismissed claims by President Trump’s supporters that the group was behind the pro-Trump riots on Capitol Hill.” Read the new report by Paul Bedard.

January 6 2021

A grand jury has indicted Jarrod DeFerrari over the destruction of a church at an antifa riot in downtown Portland. What other journalists aren’t reporting is that the suspect from Florida has an extensive history as an antifa member.