Archive: March 2021

March 30 2021

Antifa rioted at the Oregon state capitol on Sunday by throwing rocks at moving vehicles and pepper-spraying drivers. Police say they came armed with guns, bats and other weapons. I looked into the backgrounds of the antifa who were…

March 28 2021

Christopher Allen Hamner has been arrested and charged with a felony hate crime over multiple attacks on Asian women in the Seattle-area. It turns out that Hamner is a Black Lives Matter activist who was a participant at the…

March 28 2021

Andy Ngo was interviewed by Newt Gingrich about antifa in the latest episode of his podcast.

March 22 2021

Last night, Bristol’s city center erupted in violence as rioters smashed up the police station, assaulted police—breaking some officers’ bones—and set vehicles on fire. Here’s how I know it was the far-left behind the violence.

March 16 2021

Last Friday, Portland Police arrested 13 at a BLM-Antifa riot. The arrestees were found carrying guns, knives, crowbars & other weapons. Some are serial arrestees. The district attorney has already announced that some charges are dropped.

March 15 2021

Two Portland BLM-Antifa riot suspects accused of toppling a statue and hitting a cop on the head with a bottle have been indicted by a Portland grand jury. Minira Snead-Alsaud, 20, and Brandon Paul Bartells, 38, are charged with…

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