Archive: May 2021

May 27 2021

Who are the antifa arrested at the violent George Floyd anniversary riot in Portland? There’s a wanted fugitive, a self-identified journalist, a transsexual witch, a serial riot arrestee and more. This is why they wear masks.

May 25 2021

Federal judges in Oregon dismissed lawsuits by antifa “medics” and far-left groups who claimed protesters’ right to riot was violated. The far-left have poured untold sums of cash into lawfare against law enforcement in Portland.

May 20 2021

An antifa housing collective in Portland has put up an advert for an 8’x8’ corner of a room with a shower curtain. It’ll cost you $302 plus $100 in utilities a month. And you have to be okay with…

May 13 2021

On 13 May, 2021, Andy Ngo appeared on One America News Network to discuss antifa developments during the Biden administration.

May 4 2021

Portland’s district attorney has announced they’re moving forward with prosecuting some of the violent rioters arrested at the May Day riots. Five of the seven arrested already had pending charges or convictions related to past BLM-Antifa riots. One suspect…