Archive: June 2021

June 28 2021

Sound Cloud has permanently banned me and my podcast “Things You Should Ngo.” In an email, it says I violated its community guidelines without naming the alleged offending content. Guests have included Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin and…

June 25 2021

The suicide of a black lesbian teen in a Massachusetts town sparked accusations she was lynched by racist, homophobic whites. For Newsweek, Ngo interviews the family of Mikayla’s ex-girlfriend. They reveal new details about the teen not previously reported.

June 20 2021

The US Press Freedom Tracker, who catalogues press freedom violations, reports on Ngo’s recent assault by antifa.

June 11 2021

An accused rioter is facing federal charges for allegedly causing more than $164,000 in damages to federal property at multiple Portland riots.  Read the report about suspect Anthony Aaron Amoss’ close ties to Antifa and how he’s trying to…

June 7 2021

“It’s a small thing, but telling of the presumption of the twits who run Twitter: After lefty complaints that Andy Ngo shouldn’t be called a ‘journalist’ on the site’s curated news feed, the social-media giant rewrote a headline…”

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