Archive: August 2021

August 6 2021

Speakers at the radical trans protest in London on 6 Aug., 2021, included a man wearing a baby costume with a button that read, “slut” and “catboy.” They gathered to demand that the government allow children to medically transition…

August 4 2021

Ty John Fox, who was arrested at a Portland antifa riot last year on suspicion he threw an explosive at police (the case is still open), was arrested again on Sunday. He was released again without bail.

August 3 2021

Watch Ngo go undercover in the new Fox Nation show, “Canceled in the USA,” hosted by Dan Bongino. Ngo argues that an unrestrained and unchallenged “cancel culture” leads to an environment where extremists like antifa use violence to silence…

August 3 2021

A person who urinated on police at a far-left riot in Bristol, England earlier this year is among five rioters who were convicted and sentenced to actual prison time last week. Antifa groups have expressed support for the violent…

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