Archive: January 2022

January 30 2022

From one of the student leaders of Dartmouth College Republicans, Chloe Ezzo: “Dartmouth College capitulated to threats of domestic terrorism and have given leftists a blueprint for derailing and canceling future conservative events with zero accountability.”

January 27 2022

A desperate effort by Mayor Ted Wheeler and the Portland Police to rehire retired officers had resulted in embarrassing failure. Only 2 out of 81 retirees responded. The department has been losing record numbers of cops following the city’s…

January 26 2022

Antifa tried to get my book banned last year. They then stalked and beat me in Portland to prevent me from writing the updates in ‘Unmasked.’ The new paperback edition of the NYT bestseller is available for ordering now.

January 26 2022

A free-speech advocacy nonprofit has formally written to Dartmouth College’s president asking for transparency about the college’s decision to cancel the in-person event featuring Andy Ngo and ex-leftist militant Gabriel Nadales. FIRE has been presented with information that casts…

January 24 2022

I was invited to speak at Dartmouth College about far-left violent extremism, a reality often denied. Antifa groups and far-left militants reacted by promising violence, prompting a bomb squad response from police. At the last minute, administrators at the…

January 24 2022

My book, “Unmasked,” has been translated into Spanish! Mi libro sobre #Antifa está disponible ahora en español. Ordena aquí.

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