Archive: February 2022

February 16 2022

BREAKING: Garrett Smith, the #antifa member accused of bringing a destructive device to a right-wing rally in Clearwater, Fla., was released without bail to his parent’s gated community home & his felony destructive device charges have been dropped.

February 10 2022

The president of the Pedophile Associates of America has been convicted for possessing child sex abuse content. This is the 2nd child porn conviction for Ian Zearley. Until last year, his group was a registered 501(c)(3) charity.

February 10 2022

Gwen Snyder, a self-proclaimed expert on the far-right, is claiming the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” protest is one big dog-whistle for neo-Nazism. ‘Honk Honk = HH = Heil Hitler,’ she is teaching others. Snyder is also a Philadelphia-based Antifa member…

February 8 2022

Felony charges have been filed against Kaliyeha Clark-Mabins, a black Southern Illinois University Edwardsville student who allegedly committed a hate crime hoax involving racist threats. The investigation involved the U.S. Secret Service and wrongly implicated two white people.

February 7 2022

The suspect who allegedly rammed Freedom Convoy protesters and tried escaping in Winnipeg has been identified as an Antifa member. I investigated David A. Zegarac. He’s a leader in the local antifa punk scene and was accused of grooming…

February 6 2022

The New York Post has published the previously unreleased surveillance video of Antifa hunting me down and beating me when I returned to Portland in May 2021. The Portland Police did not interview those identified as participants that night…