Archive: March 2022

March 31 2022

Watch the premiere of my new live stream program, “Weekly Notice,” tonight, March 31 at 7 p.m. ET, on GETTR. And then mark your calendars for the show every Thursday. Thank you for your support.

March 30 2022

During the months of BLM-Antifa rioting in 2020, a communist militant from Indianapolis, Ind. who received weapons and tactical training in Louisville, Ky. traveled onward to Portland, Ore. to carry out a firebombing attack in the hopes of killing…

March 30 2022

The Oregon middle school teacher under criminal investigation for allegedly sending a nude selfie to a student on social media is Dean S. Wright. He’s openly gay to students and teaches critical race theory in the classroom.

March 30 2022

“All n—gers should die.” A racist threatening message written at Rosemont High School in Sacramento last week caused outrage and shock. However, a police investigation and security video revealed the culprits to be two black girls. They haven’t been…

March 29 2022

Cat Pausé, a prominent fat studies activist-academic who campaigned for the de-stigmatization of obesity, has suddenly died. Her family has not said why. She was recently featured in viral video by Steven Crowder where he went undercover to her…

March 27 2022

An antifa member who spent time in Portland & was accused of having a pipe bomb & bomb parts (e.g., nails, tape and devices) at his Florida home has been sentenced to no jail time. Garrett Smith’s bomb-related charges…

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