Archive: April 2022

April 30 2022

On Saturday, Portland Antifa militants carried out an organized attack on Sandy, Ore. mayor Stan Pulliam and his supporters, which included families and their children. Pulliam, a Republican, is running to be Oregon’s next governor. Two suffered injuries from…

April 29 2022

The Seattle Parks property in the former CHAZ that was vandalized with Antifa graffiti this week is now filled with more extremist messages, including ones that read ‘Antifa Zone,’ ‘Dismember Andy Ngo’ and ‘I want to kill white ppl’

April 27 2022

Leaked internal chats by Twitter employees show meltdown over the Elon Musk takeover

April 26 2022

Last year, the San Diego County DA charged 11 Antifa members with felony conspiracy—the first in the U.S.—and other violent crimes over a horrific attack on citizens and a dog at Pacific Beach. Now, my reporting can reveal that…

April 20 2022

A Hispanic woman mistaken for being a white girl was beaten by a large group of black youths in Boston. The victim, who had to be taken to the hospital, told police they called her a “white b— with…

April 18 2022

One of the women resisting arrest at the Pittsburgh BLM protest where the viral punch photo was taken is Victoyia Lynn Townes. She was previously arrested over a racist BLM attack on white patrons in a restaurant in 2020. 

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