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August 31 2022

The group that organized the family-friendly PrideFest in Douglas County, Colo. on Aug. 27 has apologized after video emerged showing a performer’s fake breasts being exposed during a children’s show. Leftists criticized the apology, saying that nipples aren’t sexual.

August 30 2022

Video has emerged showing scenes of deadly, violent and fiery chaos at street takeovers and occupations in Portland, Ore. over the weekend. When rioters shot 18 rounds at an elderly driver, a stray bullet killed someone on their own…

August 24 2022

Antifa’s ideology is similar to jihadism. You are either a believer (anti-fascist) or you are an infidel (fascist). And they believe infidels must submit or die. Read my Q&A in French magazine, L’Incorrect. (Use your browser to translate.) The…

August 23 2022

The suspect charged over allegedly vandalizing gay pride street art with swastikas in Atlanta, Ga. is a black male, despite online accusations it was a white supremacist attack. I investigated Jonah Sampson’s social media and found he expressed black…

August 20 2022

The leftist mayor of Port Townsend, a city near Seattle, is revealed to have a history of troubling social media posts about bestiality and Pee Wee Herman, a former child entertainer convicted of sex crimes. Mayor David Faber also…

August 10 2022

A 22-year-old woman and recent graduate of the University of North Texas details how Antifa and far-left extremists tied to terrorist groups threatened her for organizing conservative events in north Texas. 

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