Archive: September 2022

September 14 2022

“You will never be safe. See you soon.” The website for a Portland Antifa network has released what it says is the family home address of a Portland Police officer. The threatening post also names his wife and gives…

September 9 2022

The man who live-streamed himself carrying out a mass shooting spree in Memphis, Tenn. on Aug. 7, 2022, allegedly killing four and injuring three, smiled as he was arrested and booked into jail.

September 5 2022

A Portland far-left militant who repeatedly had his felony Antifa riot cases dropped has now been charged following a child sex sting targeting online pedophiles. Aubrey Ryan Quinn-Ward was quickly released without bail. 

September 1 2022

A Portland preschool teacher raised thousands on GoFundMe after coming forward about having monkeypox. But a dive into Marco Reyes Rojas’s disturbing secret social media revealed he constantly posted about being horny and high at work. My reporting has…

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