Archive: October 2022

October 21 2022

vandalizing vehicle The Antifa member who filed a frivolous lawsuit against me last year for retweeting her was arrested in Portland, Ore. for allegedly slashing up a vehicle with a knife. Melissa Alexandra Lewis, who uses the moniker “Claudio,”…

October 19 2022

Isabel R. Araujo, a trans Antifa leader in Portland, Ore., is organizing a direct action to try and shut down women’s rights activist Kellie-Jay Keen on her speaking visit to Oregon. (Keen says trans women are men.) To support…

October 18 2022

A child starring in a controversial drag queen event at a pub in Eugene, Ore. is revealed to have been mentored by a local drag queen star who was recently arrested on child sex abuse offenses. Antifa are currently…

October 16 2022

A trans Australian woman has been convicted for filming herself masturbating her penis next to a young child and possessing dozens of child sex abuse content. The judge called the content “depraved” because the victims included toddlers and babies.

October 12 2022

Listen to my radio interview with Jason Rantz about the San Diego Antifa member who pleaded guilty to a violent conspiracy. The case is the first conviction by San Diego County prosecutors against alleged members of two Antifa cells…

October 12 2022

Listen to my new interview on the PAS Report podcast.