Archive: November 2022

November 28 2022

Michael P. Hargett is identified as the suspect who allegedly attempted to blow up the area around a Seattle-area Tesla store on Friday. A SWAT unit ended the siege after a five-hour standoff. Just hours before, Antifa called for…

November 26 2022

A violent extremist propaganda site that makes printable radicalization texts for Antifa recruits has been suspended under Elon Musk’s Twitter. Crimethinc wrote materials brainwashing readers into violent, murderous hatred of the state, police & property ownership.

November 23 2022

Five more violent Antifa members in San Diego have pleaded guilty to felonies over a violent Antifa conspiracy to assault Trump supporters, journalists, minors, beachgoers and a dog at a riot on Pacific Beach. The militants were in black…

November 14 2022

A violent trans Antifa member in San Diego has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison for their role in a violent conspiracy attack involving Antifa cells in southern California. Antifa are furious Erich “Nikki” Yach is in…

November 11 2022

Antifa members attempting to riot to intimidate voters were foiled by police

November 4 2022

An Antifa account in Portland, Ore. involved in regularly planning and promoting riots is boasting about its involvement in a voter fraud campaign across the city using stolen mail-in ballots.

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