Archive: January 2023

January 30 2023

At the Tyre Nichols-inspired Antifa riot in Hollywood, Los Angeles, trans activist Ezequiel ‘Zeke’ Jorge Riesgo was arrested & charged with felony vandalism. He was allegedly in black bloc and had a rioting tool to smash windows. He has…

January 29 2023

Rose City Antifa member Luis Marquez incited deadly violence among his comrades by lying about the ex-cops accused of killing Tyre Nichols. He falsely suggested they’re white.

January 24 2023

I was interviewed by Jenna Ellis on radio about the deadly and violent leftist autonomous zone on the outskirts of Atlanta. 19 suspects connected to the occupation have been charged with domestic terrorism following a campaign of violent terror.

January 23 2023

The six arrested at the Atlanta Antifa riot on Saturday night bring the total to 19 so far charged with serious terrorism offenses in connection with the “Stop Cop City” autonomous zone occupation. I investigated their backgrounds. Nearly all…

January 22 2023

Sunday marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year, the most important holiday in China, southeast Asia and those societies’ disapora communities around the world. But overnight, there was a deadly mass shooting in Monterey Park, Calif. at a…

January 19 2023

Multiple violent suspects have been arrested and charged with domestic terrorism following the deadly shooting involving their comrade at the Antifa-linked Atlanta autonomous zone. They’re all from out of state. Read my exclusive breaking report.

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