Archive: February 2023

February 28 2023

A Canadian government study into trans inmates in federal prisons reveals most trans women (i.e., males who identify as women) were convicted of serious violent offenses and sex crimes, with over half of their sex victims being children. 

February 27 2023

For months Eva Knott and I have been reporting on the developments in a watershed Antifa case out of San Diego where prosecutors accuse 11 defendants of being part of a violent Antifa cell that carried out an attack…

February 27 2023

I’ll speak at a student TPUSA virtual, cost-free event on March 16 at 6 p.m. PT

February 22 2023

Exclusive: Ahead of an upcoming trial against five members of a violent southern California Antifa cell, reporter Eva Knott and I look into the court documents. They detail the planning before the San Diego attack & how one suspect…

February 20 2023

I’ve obtained James O’Keefe’s letter to Project Veritas. He was indefinitely suspended without pay by the board. His letter includes a screenshot of alleged text involving a board member and staffer discussing pay raise if James is removed. 

February 17 2023

CCTV video of a man being brutally beaten in Hungary by a group of suspected Antifa militants last week captured only one of multiple attacks on the public. I interviewed a Hungarian National Police spokesperson to gather more info…

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