Archive: April 2023

April 29 2023

Four men were arrested over the shocking mass shooting at an after-prom party in Jasper County, Texas.

April 28 2023

A trans person in Paulding County, Georgia is facing more than 50 child sex abuse felonies following an arrest at a daycare center where they were residing. Read my new investigative report.

April 28 2023

A trans person named Zara Jade with a history of sexual violence has been convicted and sentenced in West Yorkshire, England for violently abusing yet another woman.

April 20 2023

A drag queen and ex-elementary school aide who helped groom a child into becoming a drag performer was convicted of nearly a dozen felony child sex crimes in Oregon. She was sentenced to less than a year in jail…

April 16 2023

A therapist/trans activist has been charged over sexually assaulting autistic children in Indiana. Leomeir Kennedy, formerly Allison, was on testosterone and told investigators it was ‘like Christmas’ when molesting one of the nonverbal victims. 

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