Archive: May 2023

May 28 2023

Watch my NTD panel interview about the trans ideology and its agenda to subvert biology, family, civil rights and history

May 26 2023

One of the violent suspects arrested at an anti-Daniel Penny riot in New York City this week was out on bond for Antifa domestic terrorism in Atlanta. Teresa Yue Shen, who worked for Reuters and CNN, has been arrested…

May 24 2023

Three far-left extremists were charged in Bartow County, Ga. for felony intimidation and stalking of a law enforcement officer outside his home. One of the extremists was denied bail after the prosecutor told the judge she receives payments from…

May 14 2023

Video of a Mother’s Day ‘all ages’ drag show in Arlington, Wash. has emerged. A performer in stripper heels gyrates sexually in front of children at the ReMyx’d bar. Read my report about this incident and where it fits…