Archive: June 2023

June 22 2023

Blake David Hampe, a pedophile Portland Antifa member with a child sex crime conviction, gets no prison time in a sweetheart deal after pleading guilty to stabbing a black conservative during the 2020 BLM-Antifa riots.

June 22 2023

An Oregon Antifa riot arrestee who is also a convicted felony fraudster received a $25k payout settlement over a police excessive force lawsuit. Clifford Eiffler-Rodriguez, of Salem, was arrested at an Antifa riot in Aug. 2021 against pro-life protesters.

June 21 2023

A Canadian BLM leader was re-arrested on violent hate crime charges within minutes of being convicted of assaulting an officer in Calgary. Taylor McNallie is now accused of hate crime-enhanced charges of sexual assault, assault (2 counts) and more…

June 8 2023

A childless militant arrested at the violent attack on Armenian-American parents in Los Angeles is revealed to be a So Cal Antifa member with a long history of extremism. By day, Erik Boyd is a self-described CrossFit Survival instructor…

June 7 2023

Armenians vs Antifa: Scenes of violence erupted in Glendale, Calif. as families clashed against supporters of LGBTQIA+ curriculum in schools. So Cal Antifa had called for reinforcements but were outnumbered by a small group of brawny Armenian-American men.

June 6 2023

A Portland, Ore. drag queen-turned-trans activist popular for impersonating Holocaust victim Anne Frank has been charged with murder in Virginia. Michael ‘Norah’ Horwitz is accused of brutally stabbing her father to death. 

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