9 Mar

Last weekend, two National Lawyers Guild members were arrested for domestic terrorism in Atlanta over a violent ambush attack on police. Now, former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin, who spent time in Portland during the 2020 riots, has come forward…

6 Mar

23 suspects in Atlanta have been charged with domestic terrorism following the violent ambush attack on Sunday to try to retake their lost autonomous zone occupation. I investigated their backgrounds. One is an SPLC staff attorney. Two come from…

5 Mar

On March 5, 2023, a large mob of masked Antifa militants launched an attack on police and property at the construction site of the Public Safety Training Center in Atlanta. They assaulted officers with explosives, firebombs, and rocks before…

4 Mar

Welsh trans woman Leah Harvey, formerly Joshua Harvey, has four prior convictions related to child sex crimes

2 Mar

A missing aristocrat who grew up in a palace and whose family has close links to the British royal family disappeared with her registered sex offender boyfriend after giving birth. The boyfriend is a convicted violent rapist in Florida…

28 Feb

A Canadian government study into trans inmates in federal prisons reveals most trans women (i.e., males who identify as women) were convicted of serious violent offenses and sex crimes, with over half of their sex victims being children.