April 10 2021

A grand jury returned a 28-count indictment against an Indianapolis BLM leader for the attempted murder of police. Malik Muhammed is accused of traveling to Portland to throw homemade IEDs at police during riots. He has since scrubbed his…

April 7 2021

The large Nashville-based Christian conference Qideas has disinvited journalist Andy Ngo amid concerns a Black Lives Matter activist (who has repeatedly derided Ngo as “trash”) relayed to the organization’s president.

April 7 2021

An axe-wielding antifa protester in Portland was arrested on Saturday and charged with dozens of crimes. His bail was quickly paid and he was released. Two days later, he was arrested again. In January, he was charged with felony…

April 5 2021

Carlton Davis, a football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has deleted a tweet he wrote on Sunday night that read: “Gotta stop letting gooks in Miami.” Davis serves on the team’s Social Justice Board.

April 5 2021

Antifa and their media allies fed lies to the public about ascendant fascism when Trump won in 2016. They spread propaganda lies about law enforcement hunting down minorities. I called their bluff by recording antifa. For that, antifa have been…

March 30 2021

Antifa rioted at the Oregon state capitol on Sunday by throwing rocks at moving vehicles and pepper-spraying drivers. Police say they came armed with guns, bats and other weapons. I looked into the backgrounds of the antifa who were…

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