December 18 2020

Last week, Portland law ­enforcers raided a house that had for months been ­illegally occupied by trespassers affiliated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa. At the barricaded property, officers made arrests and found a stockpile of firearms.

December 17 2020

A serial sex offender and Black Lives Matter activist recently released from prison served a titular leadership role at the Antifa autonomous zone in north Portland.

December 13 2020

Federal authorities have arrested and charged a militant Antifa activist following a months-long domestic terrorism investigation into the attempting bombing of an occupied Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Atlanta.

December 11 2020

Every person arrested at the growing Red House Autonomous Zone (RHAZ) in Portland had their charges immediately dropped by the progressive district attorney.

December 8 2020

Black Lives Matter-Antifa and other left-wing extremists have repelled police and created a new “autonomous zone” in north Portland to protect a house being illegally occupied by squatters.

November 24 2020

Some political commentators have predicted that a Joe Biden presidency would spell the end of Antifa and its riots.

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