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September 14 2023

A Seattle Antifa rioter has been sentenced to 40 months in federal prison for possessing homemade explosive devices. Justin Christopher Moore brought multiple explosives to an Antifa attack on the police union building in 2020.

September 11 2023

A woke cider taproom in Portland (Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider) has announced it is shutting down due to business decline since 2020. Its owner, Nat West, promoted the BLM-Antifa riots and even called for his own windows to be…

September 7 2023

As revenge for the RICO, terrorism and money laundering indictments of 61 “Defend the Atlanta Forest” comrades, a group of them broke into the construction site this morning, leading to a standoff with police. Will more indictments come? I…

September 7 2023

For the first time, domestic terror, money laundering, RICO charges have hit Antifa-linked suspects. The 61 indicted in Atlanta, Ga. include an SPLC staffer, a police-contracted security company manager, a person who worked for CNN, a former DOJ intern…

August 31 2023

A Portland, Ore. trans activist with a violent criminal history has been charged for allegedly destroying a teen girl’s car and smearing feces everywhere inside. The suspect allegedly told police the random girl was “transphobic.” Vivian Ginger-Rain Shemansky was…

August 29 2023

Come see me speak live in Richmond, Va. on Sept. 22 for the Common Sense Society. Unfortunately, Antifa are already trying to stop this event from taking place.

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