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February 25 2021

Citing months of organized violence in the Pacific Northwest by antifa and their allies, I gave testimony to Congress urging lawmakers to treat far-left violent extremism with more urgency. I was rebuffed by Democrats.

February 19 2021

On Ash Wednesday, an armed vandal broke inside St. Mary’s Cathedral in Portland & smashed out some of the historic stained-glass windows. Christopher Colletta, a known BLM-antifa protester, tried escaping but was caught by police. He’s been released.

February 13 2021

Jessica Yaniv in the news again: In a letter sent to the trans activist by the Township of Langley, she’s accused of calling 911 over 30 times since Jan. 11 and sexually harassing the first responders. Yaniv says she…

February 5 2021

A Portland BLM-Antifa activist falsely accuses me of perpetrating shocking crimes, like organizing to get people assassinated. My counsel has sent him a cease and desist letter. But who is Gregory McKelvey, really? Reporter Mia Cathell digs into his…

February 3 2021

“With meticulous, on-the-ground, first-hand reporting, he exposes Antifa’s fighting tactics, indoctrination techniques, and terrorist plots. Ngo names names.” Read my Welt Woche interview.

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