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Andy Ngo is an independent journalist and photographer. He lives under threat for his reporting and expertise on American antifa and the militant far-left. He has testified before the U.S. Congress, appeared on countless television shows, radio programs, and podcasts, and his journalism has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Newsweek, Fox News, National Review, and more. Andy is currently the editor-at-large at The Post Millennial.

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10 Aug

A 22-year-old woman and recent graduate of the University of North Texas details how Antifa and far-left extremists tied to terrorist groups threatened her for organizing conservative events in north Texas. 

8 Aug

I interviewed the young Vietnamese-American Las Vegas shop owner that repeatedly stabbed a masked robber in viral video seen millions of times. What happened after the video and in the days since?

7 Aug

An activist gay-married couple in Walton County, Ga. has been arrested on suspicion of sex crimes against the two boys they adopted. Investigators with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office allege the men recorded themselves sexually abusing the children.

3 Aug

A BLM-style activist attorney has been indefinitely suspended from practicing law in Maryland after a court found that she wrote a 20-page antisemitic, racist screed against a former client. She said he was a greedy ‘Jew boy’ who benefited…

30 Jul

The suspect who allegedly took steps to assassinate Judge Kavanaugh is revealed to be trans

27 Jul

Rachel Lee Bean, the far-left militant arrested in Minneapolis on suspicion of first-degree assault and rioting against Dave Chappelle’s comedy show, now claims to be disabled from long covid. Bean has a long history of far-left militantism and wrote…


10 Aug

Rittenhouse-style video game features Antifa tank boss

Weekly Notice

This is episode 6 of Andy Ngo’s Weekly Notice. It originally aired on May 5, 2022 on Gettr.

10 Aug

Twitter staff meltdown over Elon Musk

Weekly Notice

TThis is episode 5 of Andy Ngo’s Weekly Notice. It originally aired on April 28, 2022 on Gettr.

30 Jul

Black cop shuts down violent BLM protest in Pittsburgh

Weekly Notice

This is episode 4 of Andy Ngo’s Weekly Notice. It originally aired on April 21, 2022 on Gettr.

30 Jul

Black nationalism kills

Weekly Notice

This is episode 3 of Andy Ngo’s Weekly Notice. It originally aired on April 14, 2022 on Gettr.

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Update: John Colin Hacker, the Portland antifa member who attacked me in 2019 and was indicted for it on Oct. 21, 2021, was arrested on Tuesday morning. He is charged with felony robbery. He was quickly released without bail. Find more about my lawsuit against antifa and how you can join the fight:

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