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16 Jun

Andy Ngo responds to sexual explicitness of Pride events

Tim Pool

On June 10, 2022, Andy Ngo went on Tim Pool’s TimCast live stream show. At one point, the host and guests discussed sexually explicit and risqué content that has come to define mainstream LGBTQIA2S+ Pride events and campaigns.

10 Jun

Andy Ngo on Tim Pool’s livestream on June 10, 2022

Tim Pool

We discuss the state of the US economy, LGBTQIAA+ Pride month and the sexually explicit campaigns it brings.

31 May

Portland Antifa Member Killed Itself

Weekly Notice

Violent Portland Antifa member Jacob Camello/Andrea Mun, who uses the fake name ‘Spoon,’ killed itself in November 2021 but Antifa are continuing to threaten Andy Ngo for reporting about their comrade. This clip is a segment from episode 9 of Andy Ngo’s ‘Weekly Notice’ live stream on Gettr.

27 May

Tim Pool spotlights Andy Ngo’s reporting on Uvalde hoax

Tim Pool

From Tim Pool: Liberals and journalists push hoax story about the Uvalde mass shooting to try to harm Texas Governor Abbott.