Archive: February 2022

February 28 2022

‘We need to do to Choe what Portland has done to Ngo.’ An Asian-American Seattle broadcast reporter, Jonathan Choe, is facing threats and confrontations from #antifa and far-left extremists for his reporting on the city’s homeless encampments. Journalist rights…

February 27 2022

In front of the Portland federal courthouse, someone painted ‘Kill Andy Ngo’ in red on a large veterans memorial. A blood-like streak accompanied the graffiti, along with antifa symbols around the park. Online, far-left activists launched a simultaneous campaign…

February 27 2022

Biased journalists from the New York Times, Guardian and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation fell for a hoax that the Proud Boys are sending fighters to meet Putin and to help him invade Ukraine. The account some of them cited…

February 21 2022

At a shooting in Portland on Saturday night involving antifa, one person was killed and five injured. Early investigation indicates the shooting happened between an armed homeowner and the armed militants. Antifa are calling for the destruction of evidence…

February 20 2022

A trans activist in Portland was arrested for the alleged felony assault of a TriMet bus driver. Joshua Paul Ransom, aka “Mira Freyja,” allegedly fled the scene before being caught days later. New report from Mia Cathell and I.

February 17 2022

Facebook/Meta’s Manager of Community Development, Jeren Andrew Miles, was allegedly caught in an amateur child sex sting. YouTube channel “Predator Catchers Indianapolis” live-streamed their interrogation of him. Read my breaking report.

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