Independent Journalist


4 May

Portland’s district attorney has announced they’re moving forward with prosecuting some of the violent rioters arrested at the May Day riots. Five of the seven arrested already had pending charges or convictions related to past BLM-Antifa riots. One suspect…

29 Apr

The FBI have gotten involved after an antifa group in Portland released a disturbing video that ended with a threat to kill Ted Wheeler (his address was shown). In this exclusive report, I uncover that a far-left journalist was…

27 Apr

The communist student body president of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond is revealed to be behind a Twitter account that posted racist screeds and advocated for murderous violence. Despite Taylor Marie Maloney’s extremism, they were actually praised by the…

19 Apr

BLM-antifa are rapidly preparing for mass violence as “riot season” starts early in America.

17 Apr

An antifa member in Portland who was charged with arson crimes has been revealed to be a journalism student at the University of Oregon. Alma Yesenia Raven-Guido, of Beaverton, Ore., faces four felonies. She was once hailed by a…

15 Apr

The former mayor of Sebastopol, Cal., a progressive Democrat who was outspoken in his support of defunding police & BLM, was arrested last Saturday over multiple felony child sex crimes.