Independent Journalist


4 Mar

Sources have informed me that Portland city councilwoman Jo Ann Hardesty allegedly rear-ended a driver and then fled the scene. Hardesty is an outspoken BLM activist who blamed the Portland antifa riots on white nationalists. She also calls for…

2 Mar

A trans YouTube star has been arrested & charged with possession of child sex abuse content. Kadence Pinder works at a child care center in Utah. She was previously investigated by social services for alleged child sex abuse, but…

2 Mar

A Black Lives Matter activist accused of participating in the Capitol Hill riot says Andy Ngo was there and then fled the country to avoid prosecution. The alleged photographic evidence that John Sullivan points to pictures another east Asian…

27 Feb

“One of Ngo’s co-panelists invited to the Judiciary hearing on domestic terrorism by House Democrats once called for an Islamic State suicide bombing of Trump Tower. The same ‘expert witness’ denies that Antifa militants engage in terroristic activities.”

25 Feb

Citing months of organized violence in the Pacific Northwest by antifa and their allies, I gave testimony to Congress urging lawmakers to treat far-left violent extremism with more urgency. I was rebuffed by Democrats.

19 Feb

On Ash Wednesday, an armed vandal broke inside St. Mary’s Cathedral in Portland & smashed out some of the historic stained-glass windows. Christopher Colletta, a known BLM-antifa protester, tried escaping but was caught by police. He’s been released.