Independent Journalist

October 22 2021

Two far-left attorneys who rioted for Black Lives Matter in Brooklyn last year have pleaded guilty to a terrorist firebomb attack. Urooj Rahman threw a firebomb into a police car, tried to distribute more firebombs to others, then fled…

October 20 2021

An interesting story among Portland antifa has been developing. Trespass, theft and squatting are central to their extremist communist-anarchist ideology but serial riot arrestee Sean Lopez says one of the comrades he took into his home (Camillo Masagli) began…

October 1 2021

New report from Andy Ngo and Katie Daviscourt: Hayden Eller, a 3rd-grade teacher in Oakland, Calif., is revealed to have called for people to kill police and carry out attacks. He used a moniker on social media that he’s…

September 30 2021

On 9 Oct., 2021, Ngo will be speaking at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, Poland, about antifa’s violent threat to freedom of expression under the guise of “anti-fascism.” The museum has been targeted relentlessly for its exhibit…

September 27 2021

The arrested suspect in the antifa shooting in Olympia, Wash. is 36-year-old Benjamin Anthony Varela. After the shooting, he allegedly ran to a nearby alley and discarded his black bloc uniform. I investigated his background and found evidence of…

September 19 2021

Germany’s Green Party releases an advertisement ahead of the national elections that feature an illustration with the message “Antifa area,” communist symbols & children playing in front of a door that reads, “Clit.”

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