February 7 2023

I was locked out of Twitter for reporting in a tweet that Antifa had announced plans to violently attack a TPUSA event at the University of Oregon.

February 6 2023

A trans woman in Vermont has been arrested for attempted murder. Tovi Mesick, previously Christopher, has a long and violent criminal history that includes an arrest over a knife attack where the victim’s guts spilled out.

February 1 2023

Exclusive: An Antifa blog published a claim of responsibility for an attack on a far-left bar in Portland as retaliation for them “spreading Covid” and genocide by remaining open. The Worker’s Tap bar helps fundraise for the Atlanta gunman…

February 1 2023

A former mayoral candidate (DSA party) in San Marcos, Texas is revealed to be an Antifa member who posts extremist content on Mastodon, a social media alternative site popular with the far-left and pedophiles for its lack of content…

January 30 2023

At the Tyre Nichols-inspired Antifa riot in Hollywood, Los Angeles, trans activist Ezequiel ‘Zeke’ Jorge Riesgo was arrested & charged with felony vandalism. He was allegedly in black bloc and had a rioting tool to smash windows. He has…

January 29 2023

Rose City Antifa member Luis Marquez incited deadly violence among his comrades by lying about the ex-cops accused of killing Tyre Nichols. He falsely suggested they’re white.

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