Independent Journalist

July 11 2022

A radio host for far-left Portland station KBOO allegedly kidnapped a child and raped her. His various social media accounts that I uncovered expressed graphic pedophilic sentiments. KBOO, which gives members access to content by Rose City Antifa, said…

July 8 2022

Some of the most bitter opposition to former conservative Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, who was assassinated today, came from members of Japan’s Communist Party (日本共産党). They’ve repeatedly called him a fascist & Hitler-like spawn who should be crushed.

June 30 2022

A 52-year-old female photographer and single mother of three is the latest journalist to be attacked by Antifa in Portland. Chelly Boufferrache was trying to document yet another daytime attack on a pregnancy resource center by a mob of…

June 28 2022

A planned photoshoot for children in Portland on June 29 complete with makeup and wardrobe changing is being run by a trans Antifa member and pornographer who makes and sells sexually explicit content. The flyer requests parents state whether…

June 25 2022

A Richmond, Va. woman who taught in an elementary school has been revealed to have conspired to carry out mass violence at a Roe v. Wade-inspired direct action. Celina Grisolia posted about bringing a machete and asked about bombing…

June 25 2022

At a violent far-left protest on Friday night in Portland, Ore. by Antifa and their supporters, the violent extremists set a barrier protecting the federal courthouse on fire. The same courthouse has been boarded up since 2020 because of…

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