Independent Journalist

July 23 2022

Lower Township Police in New Jersey arrested two pro-abortion Satanists in connection to the vandalism of a signboard belonging to the St. John Neumann Catholic Church in North Cape May, N.J.

July 20 2022

Antifa members in Portland and beyond are freaking out because the FBI has reportedly presented warrants for emails and social media activity tied to Antifa persons of interest in Oregon after their extreme violence was recently reactivated. They’re now…

July 17 2022

On Saturday, Antifa from Portland and elsewhere in Oregon met for a direct action against a bar in Salem. They were met by a group of women and bikers. The fight and subsequent doxing of the bikers (and their…

July 17 2022

A New Jersey trans woman (pictured) has been transferred to a new facility after impregnating two women at a female prison. The ACLU of New Jersey had sued the state to force it to house transgender inmates in the…

July 13 2022

Donald Pierce, 82, died two weeks after being brutally beaten on June 25 in downtown Portland (near Portland State University) while waiting for a bus with a walking cane. An 88-year-old was also severely beaten.

July 12 2022

I have obtained and reviewed the last KBOO Portland radio episode of the Sub-Human Intellect Theater show featuring hosts Noah Madrano and Karen Green. The show featured a ‘skit’ in which Madrano is part of a phone sex scene…

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