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August 15 2021

A person of color was stabbed by antifa after a street brawl broke out in front of Los Angeles City Hall on 14 Aug., 2021. Antifa called for their comrades to fight attendees of a permitted  “anti-medical tyranny” protest…

August 12 2021

Ngo joins Greg Kelly to discuss becoming an unlikely controversial figure.

August 12 2021

Antifa member Clifford Phillip Eiffler-Rodriguez, of Salem, Ore., was arrested at the violent protest on 10 Aug. where antifa gathered to attack participants of a street church protest outside Planned Parenthood. Clifford allegedly assaulted a female officer.

August 11 2021

Excited to announce that my best-selling book, “Unmasked,” is getting a French-language release.

August 10 2021

Matthew Rupert, 29, of Galesburg, Ill., has been sentenced to nearly nine years in federal prison after being convicted for his role in the Minneapolis BLM-Antifa riots last year. He handed out explosives and set a store on fire…

August 9 2021

Following a coordinated violent attack on Christian worshipers at a Portland park on Saturday, thousands gathered to worship at the same spot the next day under the protection of volunteer security. After the event, clashes erupted in downtown when…

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