24 Apr

CHAZ-style extremist occupations for Gaza erupt at Columbia U and other universities


20 Apr

‘Anti-woke’ NHS psychotherapist wants to replace Sadiq Khan as London mayor

Meet Amy Gallagher, the London NHS nurse and psychotherapist who blew the whistle on racist DEI policies within the public health service. She’s running against Sadiq Khan to be mayor of London for the Social Democrat Party. Her campaign slogan is “Stand Up to Woke”—extremely provocative for London. I interviewed her about why London needs radical change.

18 Apr

Andy Ngo discusses the ‘Antifa trial of the decade’ everyone needs to know about

Lotus Eaters

On April 18, 2024, I went on Lotus Eaters to discuss the ongoing criminal trial in San Diego where prosecutors are attempting to break up the So Cal Antifa cell by charging members with felony conspiracy and other violent felonies over their alleged roles in a 2021 attack on Trump supporters and the public at Pacific Beach. 

15 Apr

Wisconsin Antifa biochemist sentenced to prison for ‘Jane’s Revenge’ firebombing terror attack