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2 Mar

More Antifa Violences Strikes Portland, Ore.

Fox News

On 1 March, 2021, Andy Ngo went on Fox News Primetime to discuss the latest instance of mass organized antifa street violence in Portland, Ore. On the night of 27 Feb., antifa smashed up buildings one-by-one again in a residential neighborhood. Police were late to respond because of multiple deadly shootings throughout the city.

26 Feb

Democrat-invited expert at terrorism hearing once called for suicide bombing of Trump Tower

Fox News

On 25 Feb., 2021, Andy Ngo spoke with Laura Ingraham about his experience testifying to Congress about antifa domestic terrorism. One of Ngo’s co-panelists invited by House Democrats, Malcolm Nance, had previously called for a suicide bombing of Trump Tower.

25 Feb

Andy Ngo testifies at US House hearing on domestic terrorism

House Committee on the Judiciary

On 24 Feb., 2021, Andy Ngo gave testimony to the U.S. House judiciary hearing on the “Rise of Domestic Terrorism.” He spoke about the organized mass violence carried out in the Pacific Northwest throughout 2020 involving Antifa groups and cells.

19 Feb

CNN, NBC & ABC paid accused BLM rioter tens of thousands

Sky News Australia

Andy Ngo went on Sky News Australia to speak with Andrew Bolt about the revelation that accused BLM rioter, John Earle Sullivan, was paid tens of thousands of dollars by CNN, NBC & ABC Australia for video during his alleged involvement in the capitol riot.