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5 May

Portland antifa threaten counter-protester with knife

On May Day 2021, far-left protesters clashed with a counter-protester (Michael Isaacs) outside Portland City Hall. Charles Stubbs (holding knife) said he’ll slit the man’s throat and mutilate him. Amanda Siebe (in a wheelchair) often brings her dog to riots. Another man threatened to hit Isaacs with a skateboard. Stubbs was charged with felonies but his case was dropped within 24 hours.

2 May

Portland: BLM accuses antifa of giving teen girl drugs at riot

Exclusive: At the Portland riot on 16 April, 2021, BLM protesters confronted an antifa, accusing him of giving drugs to an underage girl. Wheelchair-bound antifa member Dustin Brandon Ferreira can be seen in the video while a street fire raged in the background. That night, rioters caused widespread damage in downtown, including setting the Apple store on fire.

2 May

Portland Antifa May Day Riot 2021

On 1 May, 2021, police declared a riot in downtown Portland as antifa shut down traffic and began smashing up buildings again. A separate antifa group went on to attack the local ICE facility at the same time. One rioter threatened police with a knife.

26 Apr

Democrats have unfortunately ‘coddled’ extremist rioters

Sky News Australia

On 26 April, 2021, Andy Ngo went on Sky News to discuss Portland mayor Ted Wheeler’s 180 in now calling for antifa to be “unmasked” and prosecuted.